The “Takigyo” Experience: Relaxing With Nature


What is “Takigyo”?

“Takigyo” is a practice conducted under a waterfall. Water, which cleanses filth, can purify both your body and mind. Originating from the old Japanese practice of worshipping mountains, it currently continues to be conducted among Shinto, Mikkyo, and Shuken-do.

 How to do Takigyo?

・ Wear “Gyoi” (Clothes worn during Takigyo)
・Bow to the water fall
・Recite scriptures or Shukusi (Shinto’s ritual prayer)
・Step toward the waterfall and put your body into the water (Sui-gyo)
・Sit under the waterfall
・Get out from the waterfall and bow
・Dry off and stay warm

Effect of Takigyo

Takigyo, a rigorous practice with chilly water, is a very popular activity. Many participants feel the healing effect by concentrating without needless thoughts because they have no space in their mind when in the cold water.
However, you can’t just randomly go and sit under a waterfall, there is a proper procedure. As you may know, waterfalls are in the mountains and you have to be careful. Especially after a heavy rain there might be flooding, landslides, and the dangerous things may be flowing in the river, so please conduct the practice following the rules and instructions.

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