The “Howa” Experience: A Message From Buddha For A Better Life


What is “Howa”?

“Howa” is a sermon or message. Jyushoku or monks preach about Buddha’s teachings. Although some of you may have a boring, difficult image of Howa, there aren’t any particular stories of Howa. Some of them are light stories with current topics or humor, or academic, specialized stories. Some of the stories only take 5 minutes, and some of them can take over ten minutes which are often used for training programs.

“Howa” is a message for people living in modern society so that they can lead better lives. There are many hardships in life, and the morals in Howa can help finding solutions to various problems. Isn’t that what modern people who are leading stressful and busy lives need?

How to listen to “Howa”?

You can listen to “Howa” at any denomination all around Japan. Moreover, if the preacher is famous or popular, his stories will be sold as books or CDs. Many denominations upload their stories on their websites. However, listening to it live is a much better experience. It’s not enough to simply listen but to incorporate it into your life.

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