“Shakyo” experience: Quiet time with “Keibun”

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What is “Shakyo”?

Shakyo” is to transcribe scriptures of Buddha’s teachings. It started in 7th century as a national mission, aiming at spreading the teachings when there was still no printing technology. Also, it has now been conducted for more than 1300 years, considered to have the similar blessing as “Dokkyo”. Generally, people transcribe 276 characters of Hannyashin-kyo or short scripture with 10 words of jyukkukannnon-kyo.

Effect of “Shakyo”

Although “Shakyo’ has been conducted as one of the practices, recently it is medically proven to activate one’s brain, and prevent dementia. “Shakyo” has many good effects on both the body and the mind.

・Improvement of handwriting skill
・Improvement of posture
・Improvement of concentration and patience
・Relaxation of body and mind

You can expect many good effects from “Shakyo” and it is highly recommended for modern people who rarely have opportunity to write by hand instead of using PCs or smart phones.




How to practice “Shokyo”?

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1. Preparation
You will need a model scripture, Shokyo paper, writing tools (ink stone, ink, small brush, paperweight, underlay). Recently some stores have Shakyo-paper which you can trace the characters and brush-pens. Before you start transcribing, you have to wash your hands and mouth and adjust your clothes. Don’t forget proper preparation!

2. Transcribing characters
After joining your hands and reciting the scripture in your mind, hold your brush and start writing from the title. “Shakyo” is different from calligraphy, so it is more important to write with heart than to write beautifully. You can see the spirit of the ritual called “Ichiji-sanrei,” which means to bow three times as you write one character! After you finish writing the body, write the date, your name, and your wish at the end.

3. Cleaning
Join your hands and recite the scripture in your mind again when you finish. Put the tools in their original positions so that the next person can use comfortably.

Digital Shakyo

Shakyo is becoming popular because of various reasons. Recently you can incorporate Shakyo to your daily life by easily downloading model scriptures from temple’s websites or trying “Typing Shakyo” which you can type the scripture on your laptop keyboard.

Reference Websites:Shingon-Shu Toyoyama-ha Kongo-in /Daihon-zan Kyohuku-zan Encho-ji Typing Shakyo

Let’s experience Shakyo

Transcribing word by word with heart is the biggest pleasure of Shakyo. We want you to experience the moment of being engrossed in writing the scriptures. Since saving time for writing can be hard, how about staying at Shukubo so you won’t have to worry about it?

▼▼▼Let’s experience Shakyo at Shukubo ▼▼▼