Yadoboh Kansho-In SANRAKUSO


14, Daisen, Daiseb-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori-ken 〒689-3318

Our accommodation is located at the altitude of 830m in Daisen-ji Yama which has convenient access to explore historical places, nature, and the mountains. You can enjoy traditional vegetarian dished with seasonal mountain treats. We also accept guests for restaurant reservations. (Reservation is obligatory)

Yadoboh Kansho-In SANRAKUSO



Principal Objects of worship



Protecting against evil and dangers

Trial menu of this Shukubo

Vegetarian cuisine, Zen Meditation, Writing Sculpture, Parlance, Service, Special visit one of the important cultural properties the Hall of Amida at Daisen-ji

Number of rooms

12 rooms

Check in
Check out


Range of price


How to pay

Cash, Credit card (VISA/ Master/ JCB/ Amex/ Dynars/ DISCOVER)

Phone number



14, Daisen, Daiseb-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori-ken 〒689-3318


-[Bus] approximately 50 minutes from JR Yonago Station towards Daisen-ji and 10 minutes’ walking distance from station to the accommodation
– [Car] approximately 20 minutes’ drive from Yonago Expressway IC

Parking lot

We have parking space for 20 cars.

About the Shukubo and its Origin

This place is one of the Tacchu-jiin temple of Kakubansan Daisen-ji in Tendaishu’s special head temple, which was established in Yoroh era (718) during the Nara period. Fudomyo-oh is the principal Buddhist, and worshipers are coming to pray for protection for themselves from evil and dangers. Daisen-ji is said to be established at the current location around 400 years ago, however the legendary before that remains unknown.

Facility, Services, Others

–Accommodation Facilities

■Public bath ■Grand hall ■Lobby ■Accommodation rooms ■Dining Hall ■Scriptures room ■Wi-Fi ■Vending machine

–Room Facilities

■Air conditioner ■TV ■Wi-Fi ■Tea set


■Hand towel ■Toothbrush ■Shampoo ■Conditioner ■Body soap ■Yukata (Pajama) ■Hair dryer

Other equipment

Sleeping Set \500 (Tooth brush, Towel, Yukata)

Cancellation Policy

No cancellation fee at any time


The Practice of Buddha Dharma starts from17:00 every day.
If you will be late for check-in, please let us know in advance.

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