Shukubo Jin’noya Yamarakusho


108, Mt. Mitake, Ome-Shi Tokyo

This lodge has been inherited from generation to generation as Shukubo of Musashi Mitake Shrine and is now owned by the 18th generation. Many famous individuals exhibited their work here and lots of artists and writers tend to visit.

It is place very popular for its cuisine, that is using natural wild plants and herbs harvested from the mountains, as well as organic ingredients grown by Shinto monks.

The hot bathing water and water for all other purposes in the temple lodge are drawn from the holy water of the Aya Hiroshi Waterfall –  a place also used for waterfall meditation.

Shukubo Jin’noya Yamarakusho



Principal Objects of worship

The Soul of Musashi Mitake Shrine


Various disaster Elimination, Good luck

Trial menu of this Shukubo

Meditation under waterfall, Morning Prayer, Hymn singing, Scriptures lesson.

Number of rooms

11 rooms

Check in
Check out


Range of price

JPY 8,900 – JPY 11,000

How to pay


Phone number



108, Mt. Mitake, Ome-Shi Tokyo. Postcode 198-0175


Get off from JR Ome Line Mitake Station, last station of Nishitōkyō bus

15 minutes by cable car to summit

Parking lot


About the Shukubo and its Origin

According to the legend, it is the first Kanto Sacred Site founded by Emperor Sujin about BC 90.

During the time when Yamatotakeru no Mikoto expedited to east, the evil spirit inside the deep forest released a mystic of fog to cause Yamatotakeru no Mikoto to lose the way. This led him to transform into a white wolf and after that he became and remained the god of Ookuchi Magami and he is admired based on this legend for eliminating evil spirits.

From this day onward, because of this miracle, “Oinusama” has become the god for exorcism and the elimination of fire.

The Mikata Shrine is dedicate to the armor and it is believed that it has been named as “Musashi” with the national name of “Musashi Mitake Shrine”.

Facility, Services, Others

–Accommodation Facilities

■ Public baths ■ Western-style Toilet ■ Tea Room ■ Inner Temple ■ Art Museum

–Room Facilities

■ Air conditioner, toilet in the room ■ TV (all rooms) ■ Safe box (deposit of valuable items)


■ Hand towel ■ Bath towel ■ Toothpaste set ■ Shampoo ■ Conditioner ■ Body Soap ■ Hand Soap ■ Yukata ■ Hair Dryer (rental)

Cancellation Policy

Same day cancellation: 100%

3 days in advance: 50%


It is not possible to arrive at the Shukubo directly by car.

Please set Mitake Tousan Railway Takimoto Station as the destination if you are using GPS navigation.

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