What is “Shukubo”


What is “Shukubo”

“Shukubo” is the lodging facility of shrines and temples. Originally it was used only by monks as accommodation or by worshippers when they cleanse their body/mind. Recently though, more facilities are accepting visitors with various facilities and services aiming to provide the shrine/temple culture experience.  Shrine/temple staying trips are starting to attract more and more attention.

Shukubo has different styles.

<Difference of denomination>

・Shrine Shukubo

・Temple Shukubo


<Difference of facility>

・Temple/Shrine (Most of the times wooden construction)

・Different building on the shrine/temple property (often new and made of steel. Many of them have their own name)

・Different buildings managed by shrine/temple in a different part of the neighborhood.


<Difference of accepting season>


・Certain period/season only (Ex. Only during summer because of Monastery entering Restriction)

・Spontaneous (Ex. Unable to accept visitors during events and busy season)


Although Shukubo is basically a religious facility, some of them started to accommodate visitors because of their growing needs.

Practice activities you may experience at Shukubo

Shakyo (Transcribing scriptures)

Person who transcribes scriptures can expect blessings. People do it often for their wishes to come true.

Zazen (Meditation)

One of the Zen practices aims to modify posture and breathing. It has stress-reducing and healing effects.

Shojin diet/meal (vegetarian diet)

Dishes cooked without meat. They have well-balanced nutrition and are good for beauty/health.

Howa (Sermon)

Preaching in front of an audience about Buddha’s teachings and morals for living. There are various sermons.

Dokkyo (Reciting)

Reciting of scriptures out loud. Originally, the purpose was the passing down of scriptures orally. However, now reciting itself is considered to have blessings.

Takigyo (Meditation by sitting under a water fall)

It is said to be a rigorous practice. Meditation while sitting under a vehement water fall aims to achieve concentration of the mind in nature.

Gomagyo (Fire Prayer)

Practice aiming to burn down worldly desires and calamities. Praying hard to see wishes granted.

How can you spend time in Shukubo? Here’s the basic schedule in Shukubo.

What is it like to stay in Shukubo? What can you do during your stay? We have made a recommended schedule for those who have never stayed in a Shukubo.

<Day 1>

ifn016915:00~ Arriving at the Shukubo
After arriving, you can finish checking in and go to your room after listening to facility instructions.
(There may be times you cannot check in if you come late due to transportation or closing time reasons.) You can decide on your own whether to go worshipping, practice trial, enjoy quiet time in your room, etc.

ifn016917:30~ Dinner
There will be a set time for dinner. Enjoy the Shojin diet made with good care.

ifn016919:00~ Prepare for sleeping
You may finish taking a bath early in order to prepare for the following morning.
Some Shukubo set an earlier bath time. Some facilities provide self-service futons.

ifn016921:00 Lights-out
You can decide when to go to sleep, but you may have to be careful about your voice volume after lights out.


<Day 2>


ifn01696:00~ Participate in morning service
Participating in the morning service can be quite refreshing. Participation may not be required, but it’s highly recommended.

ifn01697:00~ Breakfast
Let’s have a fresh start to the day by having breakfast after the morning service. You will feel more of an appetite by the fulfilling feeling of waking up early.

ifn01698:00~  Activities
Different Shukubos have their own practices and activities. Sometimes there are activities only for staying visitors or activities you have to reserve beforehand.

ifn016910:00~ Check Out 
You can ask the staff if you want some information about the neighborhood. Let’s show your appreciation before you leave.
*It’s only a general schedule.

*It’s only a general schedule.
*Activities and times differ by Shukubos. Please contact the Shukubo you are planning to stay at directly.
*Some activities need a reservation or an extra fee.

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